I am asked why music and my response is always, WHY NOT THE MUSIC "BUSINESS". So many times, individuals forget this is an actual  business and not a hobby. Follow your dreams, Follow your heart! I know if my father was still here, he would be so proud. Raised in a musical household,this is all that I know, this is my heart, this is my world. I didn't wake up one day and decided to follow the wave, instead I created a platform off of what I knew and learned growing up. Imagine 2 am on a Thursday night, school in the morning with a spelling test as Friday there were always spelling test. Yet, you can't sleep. Why, because your father is up making a beat or working on his dj mixes, speakers on 1000 and my mother will be his hype man igging him on. I use to find myself in class humming my father songs, and tapping to his beats when I should've been paying attention to what was on the dry erase board. You see, this music shit runs deep with me. I didn't understand then what I understand now. Even after my fathers passing, my mother still to this day, replays his songs. Literally, still have his recordings and it means more to me that she would ever know to hear his voice. So what better business to be in then the business you love!

Thank you for the gift daddy!

Thank you for supporting him mommy, even if you didn't understand than what you understand now. 

You both created a beast in this game. 

Thank you! 


RIP Michael Johnson (Producer, Song writer, DJ, Artist, Entrepreneur) Leap year Feb 2012, is a day I will never forget.